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Where to start?

  1. Call FedEx or UPS and get a FREE account – Both offer significant discount programs either directly or through credit card programs. 800-GoFedEx or 800-ShipUPS

  2. ESSENTIAL – Purchase an ANOA shipping tag This is a game changer*. It’s a REUSABLE tag that holds shipping labels that you print at home. It attaches to your trunk, duffel bag, or luggage. Because it’s REUSABLE it can hold the “To Camp” label as well as the “Return to Home” label.

  3. Check out the carrier’s website to understand the typical Ground transit times between your home and camp. Tip: Always add one or two extra days “Just in Case” to those transit times. Ex. Shipping from Chicago to Upstate New York is normally 2 days. If the session start date is a Saturday, have the pickup scheduled for Monday. In theory it will arrive Wednesday, but now you have Thursday and Friday as a buffer… just in case!

  4. Approximately 10 days prior to the camp session:
    1. Create and print the Ground label “To Camp” as well as the “Return to Home” label from Camp.
    2. Arrange for the pickup online from your mobile phone or computer.
    3. Place both the “To Camp” label in the ANOA shipping tag and put the “Return to Home” label behind it.

  5. Five days prior to the camp session end date, create a pickup online with carrier to have the trunk, duffel, or luggage collected from the camp. Tell the camper or counselor to remove and discard the old “To Camp” label so the “Return to Home” label is visible.

*Easy peasy! To see how it works go to YouTube and search ANOA Shipping Tag

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