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How it Works

It’s simple!

  1. Place an order and complete our online form.
  2. Camp Shippers sends you all the necessary labels, tags and shipping materials. (Be sure to check out our box option!)
  3. Bags are picked up on the suggested pickup date and delivered to the respective camp prior to the session start date.

For home to camp deliveries, we will send you the labels, tags and shipping materials via Priority Mail within 2 weeks of the pickup date. Don’t worry if you complete the form months in advance, we will send you the necessary materials as it gets closer to your camp session date.

If you use Camp Shippers for camp to home or round-trip delivery, our staff will deliver all the necessary labels and supplies to the camp approximately 5 days prior to the camper’s departure. Our staff will be on-site, at the camp, the day before and the day of departure to inspect and collect all departing shipments and to answer any questions. We’ll ensure the bags are properly labeled and are in shipshape for the trip home.

We’re flexible. Need to ship early because you’re going on vacation? Want us to hold your shipment for a later delivery date? No problem, we’ll do it for FREE. We’re here to make your life easier!

In certain instances Camp Shippers may work with outside agents for a portion of the transportation. FedEx is Camp Shippers primary carrier.

Still have questions? Contact us!